deze oproep favoriet maken Looking for strangers to send shot rolls of 35mm film dit bericht verbergen tonen

I am a film photographer from Vermont who is looking to start an ongoing project where I get strangers to shoot rolls of black & white 35mm film and send it to a PO Box that I have set up. I really enjoy playing around with alternative ways to develop film and print photos from it so I will be experimenting with alternative processes and posting the process and some final prints on an instagram I set up for the project. So this will give people an opportunity to see what I've done with the film they have sent. I see this as an ongoing series/project that I can work on alongside other projects. At the moment it is a project in the very beginning phases so I'm not 100% sure where I want to go with it- but I'm curious to see where it can go. Feel free to email with questions, etc. Join me in the process?

Instagram: strangersonfilm35

Strangers on Film
PO Box 167
St.Albans, VT

As an option for those who do not have 35mm cameras and want to participate without having to get one there is a disposable camera that has film in it that I can still develop in a B&W darkroom:
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