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Let us reclaim your overgrown land. This is not your grandfather's brush hog. Heavy duty brush hog capible of mowing 6" soft wood saplings.

The machine is a low ground pressure rubber tracked skid steer. Mower is attached to the loader arms giving the operator a full range of height and motion and a view of what he is mowing. Machine is only 72" wide for access in tight places. Good on slopes and wet ground. Goes places a tractor will not.

See the machine in action at the link below -

This is a great set up for eliminating sumac and other wild invasive. We offer mow and herbicide packages to keep these growths down.

Keep your property tamed all while keeping pesky critters away.

Clear underbrush
Mow pond edges and retention ponds
Re establish pastures
Clear over grown driveways
Mow fence lines
Build trails
Sumac/Buck Thorn Growth

Free Estimates. Email me today. Jobs are priced based on material we are mowing, terrain and transport time.

I am located in Milton, VT

Machine can be equipment with other attachments - Power/Harley Rake, Grapple, Forks, Bucket

Other services also available - Grading, driveway repair, excavation, drainage, landscaping, chipping, tree services, demolition, foresty mulching. Please email with your specific needs.

We also have an 18,000 lbs excavator for hire.

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