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I have my own business in town (another profession) so I am seeking private cleaning/residential support jobs for clients with private residential care needs as an additional form of income. I am insured. I am very experienced in all areas mentioned in my title for this ad.

I graduated from college twice (unrelated to cleaning). I have passed background and fingerprint checks with the State of Vermont. I own my own vehicle. I only clean with natural cleaners unless it's an area that needs heavy duty sanitation.

I owned my own cleaning business years ago prior to moving to Vermont. In that time I learned that a lot of people who need at home care support are also in need of other support such as grocery shopping, yard work, someone to sit with them after an injury or to perhaps cover in the event that their family or whomever supports them is away or sick themselves. I say this to say that once you learn to trust me and see that I am an active role model in Rutland and trustworthy. I am willing to support whatever residential needs you may have. Please let chat with me to discuss your homecare needs whether its cleaning, organizing and/or at home care.

Dont worry abt hourly rates, minimums etc. Lets talk about your and we will negotiate a rate that is fair for the both of us.

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