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Mormons Allegedly Murder LeBaron Women and Sex Traffic Nanny (Stanford University)

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I was abused as a nanny and found out I was not alone by reaching out to craigslist to find resources to help me. As I was finding out how I could help myself I found a nanny agency that has an HR Department built right in. I was getting a lot of responses and even thank you notes from people who were happy I was sharing this information. As I got to know Dominique at Traditions TLC more, I was inclined to ask her how she got into this situation to begin with and you are going to really want to help this company grow after you hear why the church allegedly funneled Dominique into the alleged "Nanny Sex Slave Trade" that has been reported and is being investigated. What is the alleged motive of the Mormon Church to allegedly place Dominique Rose into an alleged "Nanny Sex Slave Trade"?

If you turn your news on, there is a current attack where 9 women and children were murdered and all of them were LeBarons. The LeBaron Colony is a break off from the Mormon church when the church was cracking down on polygamy and the church split. When the church split, there were people like Dominique who got caught in the middle because as the church did this they were splitting up families. Dominique's family was split up, half staying polygamy and half moving to the new Mormon church where they stopped the "Blood Atonement" and "Polygamy" and not giving much support on how to mediate for the people they left behind.
Since Dominique joined the Stanford 2nd Singles Ward back in 2001, the same alleged people, alleged Dow Wilson who is the alleged Stake President, alleged Steeve Young who is her old Bishop Rick allegedly still running the show 18 years later and are allegedly the alleged creeps who allegedly funneled Dominique into the hands of the alleged Liesle Moldow of Atherton who allegedly was and probably allegedly still known for allegedly going through nannies like underwear and allegedly getting off on allegedly torturing them with her group of alleged Stanford Alumni alleged friends who allegedly collectively bought out the allegedly Seminary Drive Neighborhood off of Middlefield and Willow Road so they could allegedly have control over the streets allegedly like high society gang members. Shortly after Dominique allegedly had no hope she left the Mormon church in 2006 because Liesle Molodow and Dow Wilson and Steeve Young were allowing nannies to allegedly be collected, allegedly found and allegedly placed using the allegedly relief society email list, into allegedly unsupervised nanny jobs that ultimately allegedly lead to allegedly sexual and child abuse where Dominique was allegedly getting fired for reporting child abuse. Back then, there was allegedly not many resources to find nannies and this was allegedly one of Liesle Moldows resources where Dominique was allegedly targeted as a young 21 year old who was already victimized and would be an easy target because of discrimination due to half her family still living in the LeBaron Colony. Dominique allegedly continued to have problems after leaving the church in 2006 and after 18 long grueling years, she was able to get a proposed case against Carolyn and Yar Chaikovsky for sexual harassment and discrimination and since has allegedly been publicly discriminated by alleged Dow Wilson who has threatened her with a restraining order lawsuit to have her removed by the Stanford Police and that she would be trespassing if she attends church at Stanford Singles Ward and if she wants to come back to church She will need to do what the previous Bishop Entwisle has ordered her to do. The legal threat was given to Dominique without telling her what Entwisle had ordered. The church has been allegedly shuffling her around from one Bishop to the next as they just allegedly ignore her and are allegedly forcing her to meet in private rooms with more and more alleged bishops so she has to allegedly explain that she is not a polygamy girl and the whole story and who allegedly ultimately ignore her, leaving her to be allegedly abused even more by community members they allegedly gave permission to do the alleged nanny abuse.

Dominique gave a statement of the churches response to the car attack down at the LeBaron Colony. The statement given by Dominique Rose is alleged because the Modern Day Mormons of her town allegedly follow her every move and try to get her to allegedly not talk about the polygamy and allegedly scare her all the time into thinking she's going to be murdered if she doesn't go away and they allegedly flag everything they can on her social media every time she tries to get help or complain. So she started Traditions TLC to fight back against the allegedly child abusers and allegedly sex traffickers who are allegedly whoring out nannies and the nannies are being allegedly scammed for free sex. DOMINIQUE'S STATEMENT ON THE RECENT LEBARON MURDERS:
"I am shocked to see the mainstream Mormon church to respond that the women and children who were murdered ""are not members of the Mormon Church"". The women and children who died that day are Mormon, but are from the original teaching and in Jewish terms this would be considered Orthodox Mormons and just like I have been discriminated and shuffled around treated like a slave in my community for since I joined Stanford Singles Ward back in 2001, the Modern Day Mormons have discriminated against me from day one as a community just like they do today to the Orthodox Mormons. The Modern Day Mormons actively discriminate and make other orthodox mormons feel bad for their beliefs. I have to keep proving to the community by my church attendance that I am not what the modern day mormon groups are making me out to be. That they are discriminating against me because they failed to split the church responsibly and the burden lays on people like me who are not allowed to be Modern Day Mormons because of the discrimination that is fundamentally part of the modern day mormon church who try to pretend they didn't derive from Polygamy or are known for also practicing the Blood Atonement. They like to discriminate and then pretend it never happened and then try to get new members to push ALL THEIR PROBLEMS UNDER THE RUG, leaving people like me to abuse. I am horrified that the church has put me through all this drama unnecessarily because I was so far removed from all of it that I even have adopted parents who no nothing about the church and so I was totally blind sited and discriminated without even knowing I was half mormon and polygamy. Now after all the abuse I have suffered from both sided of the church, I have to say, the church in general should be knocking on the door of their polygamy branches to offer at least a way to convert to modern day mormons. But that is not what they do, they denounce the polygamy group even after 9 CHILDREN AND WOMEN WERE MURDERED. ALL THEY COULD SAY WAS "THEY ARE NOT CONSIDERED MEMBERS OF THE MORMON CHURCH". I don't know about you who is reading this, but I am horrified of their remarks. I guess protecting their integrity is going to be more important than saving another LeBarons life. THE MAINSTREAM MORMONS ARE A SCAM AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR PAST RELATIVES. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS FOOLING NEW MEMBERS TO HAND THIER YOUNG WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN TO BE PLACED IN THEIR PLACEMENT OF CHOICE. I would warn anyone going to church to treat it like a club. Never go alone, do not give any strangers your information, do not meet in any private meeting rooms and do not let them place a nanny or take your children on playdates."
-Dominique Rose
I have received more emails regarding these allegations and was curious if the reports are public? So I asked Traditions TLC if they can give me a copy of the actual FBI report and all the other agencies that include The Department of Fair Housing and Employment/Commissioner. Usually a company would not offer the allegations, however, since Traditions TLC started due to this scam, Traditions TLC wants the community to know they had to report because they do not treat their nannies in this manner and if they did not report this then they could be subject to playing as an accomplice to their crimes and scams. Traditions TLC HR Department started so they could avoid ever having to file a report like this ever again. The HR Department is here to keep this from happening again and that they take their nanny placements very serious and can not be associated with others who are performing in illegal activity. As of now they only have a proposed sexual harassment and discrimination case on Yar and Carolyn Chaikovsky of Chaikovsky Residents Daycare, Woodside. They are hoping the judge will see this as a group crime that was allegedly organized by church leaders from alleged Christ Church of Portola Valley (The priest of Christ Church, mother Beth who is an alleged lawyer), alleged Sanc Hang (Michele and the 3 other priesthood of four) of Menlo Park, alleged Menlo/Atherton Mormon Ward of Menlo Park (David Entwisle who is also the alleged CEO of Stanford Hospital)(alleged Dow Wilson who is the alleged Stake President and allegedly rules over Dave Entwisle and all the Mormon Churches in the entire Peninsula and is also allegedly known to be an alleged billionaire who is allegedly highly regarded for his wealth), and allegedly the Stanford Singles Mormon Ward of Stanford (alleged Brigham who is currently the alleged Bishop of Stanford 2nd Singles Ward)(alleged Dow Wilson again since both churches are in his alleged district to control, who is the alleged Stake President and rules over Brigham and all the Mormon Churches in the entire Peninsula and is also known to be an alleged billionaire who is highly regarded for his alleged wealth). There is about to be a 2nd report turned in with the list of the churches you see here.
Traditions TLC had to start with the families since they have the support of the Commissioner and The Department of Fair Housing and Employment and since this is filed under employment standards and not church standards. Once they get the ball rolling on the case that has been proposed they are going to continue to seek a lawyer who will help with the second report since there is not alleged legal support. The church leaders allegedly use their "privilege" and allegedly take away others "privilege" to attend church. Its a total alleged scam that is a spider web...they allegedly make people think they are all welcome to get their tithing and if anyone is messing up their alleged businesses including their alleged nanny pool, the church members are allegedly no longer able to use their "privilege" to attend church because the church leaders "privileges" allegedly over rule any non leaders "privileges" to continue to attend the churches. Are we all starting to see how this scam is working? It's not a right to attend church even though people are allegedly led into thinking its for the public when really they are allegedly all private and an allegedly fair amount of them are allegedly SUB CULTS who try to make it look like the church is at fault when really allegedly THE BIGGEST alleged CREEPIEST PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET have allegedly figured out how to make church so unattractive, they have literally allegedly taken over church life. There are not too many allegedly churches that are here to help besides the Mormon church, which Traditions TLC has and will continue to notify, also The 70 and has already submitted a report to Stanford Hospitals HR Department so they know that allegedly Dave Entwisle is using his position as CEO and his Privilege of Bishop and has allegedly abused his title.

(please note that these are all allegations and no one has been charged)

"Employers using their wealth, local connections, churches and fame to Nanny Sex Slave Trade nannies that are unaware of their scam. Creating nanny pedophile circles so it’s hard to find a good nanny. Carolyn and Yar Chaikovsky, Elizabeth and Pat Burrell, Lina Khasky Parness and Lisle Moldow for sexual abuse while in the work place. The report has been half way submitted and ignored by the department of fair employment and housing and is the following:1.Carolyn exposed her breast on a regular occasion, even commenting that my breast “well, they’re there”, when comparing breast.2.Carolyn asking me to join in sex acts with Yar in a threesome.3.Elizabeth exposed her breast after getting breast from a surgeon.She was showing off her new boobs by flashing me at work.4.Pat asked me to place my breast on his chest as Elizabeth said "yes, put your breast on his chest and give him a tight hug".5.Carolyn hiding child abuse reports from CPS and not allowing staff to report child abuse without being shunned by her and her mom groups.6.Lina setting up sexual dates for her brother Albert while I am supposes to be babysitting.7.Lina slandering and getting Dominique fired from the Devaux family 2014, bullying her in the community using her gang Barb. 8.Lina slandering Dominique at work and Bay Clubs where Dominique got a full refund because Lina and gang marked Dominique as a "Prostitute", “Whore”, “Her Booty Call”, and a dumb “Blondie”. 9.Lisle for exploiting the Mormon Church, ruining my reputation back in 2004 and is currently doing the same thing, using the churches leaders David Entwisle CEO of Stanford Hospital & a Bishop of the Mormon Atherton/Menlo Park Church, participated in slandering me and is currently trying to get my new church at Stanford 2nd Singles Ward Mormon Church to place a restraining order on me and that if I go to church at Stanford he is going to have Stanford Police physically remove me for trespassing

I worked on Carolyn's staff, the following staff members also displayed a poor opinion of her employment and laws being broken all the time by her.

Gastavo; Carolyns handy man
Renya; Carolyns housekeeper
Samatha: Carolyn's Old nanny
Jose: Carolyn's Gardener
Renya was being sexually harrased by Gastavo after Gastavo Sexually harrased me (Dominique) because Carolyn wanted Gastavo and Dominique to become a couple even though Gastavo just had a baby with another woman. Gastavo was only fired by Carolyn when Renya told Carolyn that her husband also working for Carolyn, Jose, would kill Gastavo if Jose ever found out that Gasavo sexually harassed her. Carolyn said she fired Gastavo for sexually harassing Renya because since I was up beat and bubbly that I deserved it. Samatha is an old nanny who also has had many complaints about Carolyn and her breaking employment laws all the time and getting away with it."



After the advise I have filed a complaint with EDD, went to the commissioner and registered with Traditions TLC after I was fired from my job for complaining that the family who allegedly had the local churches funnel me into several high society families who allegedly use the local churches and allegedly the church leaders allow them to break labor laws so they can allegedly abuse nannies by exploitation, not paying, not filing W2 and having hidden employees and so some people can allegedly get away with child abuse because allegedly nannies are getting fired for even complaining about the most simple labor laws and then allegedly getting ushered out of town by the abusive families who have teamed up with local churches to run this scam.

Traditions TLC told me they will be my reference as long as they can see I am a good nanny, which I am. They also said they would help me to file with EDD, Commissioner and to keep me employed by letting the community know this has been a problem and there are plenty of good families who are not allegedly running a nanny abuse scam using church leader and high society nanny abusers. Traditions TLC also said this is why they started Traditions TLC is because everyone has the right to complain and if nannies are getting fired for complaining then this is child endangerment and Traditions TLC has actively reported my claims and complaints to the FBI that include the families and church leaders who allegedly are running this scam.

Thanks to Traditions TLC, I can work as a nanny with out fear of being attacked by the alleged abusive, unstable, unqualified families who allegedly uses more than one denomination local churches to allegedly control which nannies get to be part of the pool the community can select from . If all the good nannies are being targeted by this alleged scam that has been submitted to the FBI, Commissioner, Gavin Newsom, Local Police Stations, The department of fair housing and employment and they are helping the community by sending out newletters of the alleged scam so families who use nannies can become aware of this alleged scam to protect their nanny from being funneled by someone they might send their nanny on a playdate with, by referring them through the community instead of using a nanny agency that comes with qualified managers so they can start sending that nanny to their alleged network to decide if that nanny is going to complain and protect the child...if they see the nanny is acting professional, that nanny is allegedly ushered out of the job within a year or two.

Traditions TLC is a great resource for me because I can feel safe knowing my managers will always be there to make sure I am not allegedly being abused by church leaders who place nannies with families using their email list and then act like they care about me when all they care about is their alleged "clients" who allegedly take their young girls from church and abuse them, the churches allegedly love this scam and is allegedly one of the reasons children are constantly being found as victims of sexual abuse, churches allegedly love to find nannies who will not be professional and who are too scared to report so they can can continue to allegedly abuse kids sexually.

I am so happy I found Traditions TLC, a team of professional Senior Executive Nannies who have identified the problem and are being pro active about fixing this for the sake of our children being in safe hands of trained nannies who are managed by qualified senior nanny managers and out of the hands of alleged church leaders who are caught time and time again sexually abusing children and who are allegedly using the nanny agency industry to be able to get close to more kids using nannies they are allegedly funneling, and controlling the pool flow as a scam right under all of our noses.

Here are some resources that were suggested by other nannies this has happened to.
Go to the community center and talk to an advisor
Call EDD and file a complaint
Go to the local commissioner
Traditions TLC has started a petition they are taking to Washington to show the problem is happening in this industry and they are there to help any nannies who have suffered employment abuse to gather together to protect the safety of nannies who are working for unqualified managers who abuse the system and use local churches to cover up their bad behavior.

Im a nanny and have experienced abusive employers who have hired me and then didn't pay me after being aggressive with their behavior while I was working by letting me go late and making me stay longer hours than agreed. I am confused and was wondering if other babysitters are going through the same experience?

I am not sharing my personal information because I am scared of my past employers who seem unstable. I was just wondering if there were other nannies like me who were experiencing weird employers and what we can do to protect ourselves if something more serious there a human resource for nannies who are being abused by employers who are not qualified to manage and that break labor laws?

Thanks you for your help, please respond to this email to communicate to me.
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